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Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron: People-focused housing

In this week’s episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron, enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the vital community work we do to help people to build community at Wesley Community Housing’s accommodation complexes.

Wesley Community Housing helps over 500 tenants across New South Wales who are at risk of homelessness. Some are transitioning from crisis accommodation, while others need help through a difficult time that’s affected their finances.

Today, Wesley Mission CEO and Superintendent, Rev Stu Cameron, visits one of Wesley Community Housing’s community engagement days in South Western Sydney, before taking time to chat with Lisa, Wesley Community Housing Operations Manager.

Stu and Lisa discuss how for Wesley Community Housing, the focus isn’t the housing – but the people. Lisa explains how being people-oriented benefits not only the tenants, but the entire community.

Finally, Stu challenges us to have soft hearts “touched by the compassion of Jesus” – who never got ‘compassion fatigue’. Stu explains that what the rest of the world might see as weakness, God says is actually a deep, inner strength… a strength we’re all called to embody as we go out into the world.

Watch now to find out more!

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