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Wesley LifeForce suicide prevention

6 September 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we hear about Wesley LifeForce Memorial Day and Wesley LifeForce suicide prevention, speak to musicians Jim and Alex Paterson, and continue our study of New Testament characters with a look at the apostles James and John.

Wesley LifeForce Memorial Day

This September marks the 20th year of the Wesley LifeForce Memorial Day, where people who are grieving the loss of someone who took their own life can come together in a place of support, love and remembrance. In this episode we look at the incredible power of this service, and Wesley LifeForce suicide prevention, in providing the community with support and care. Against the backdrop of the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge, people can share their sorrow and connect with each other, offering love for one another as they hear about the comfort of God.

An Interview with Jim and Alex Paterson

The Rev Dr Keith Garner talks to musicians Jim and Alex Paterson, whose son Rowan took his life at the age of 18. They tell a story of pain, faith and hope, where they came to use their music to heal their own hurt and reach out to others. As they discuss the very personal and ongoing process of grief, they use music as an opportunity to share with others the peace and support that comes from Christian faith, even in the most difficult of situations.

Guest performer

This week Jim and Alex Paterson and their band The BordererS are our guest performers, playing their beautiful song, Light on a Hill, inspired by the loss of their son Rowan.

Keith’s reflection on the lives of James and John

The Rev Dr Keith Garner continues an exploration of selected characters from the New Testament by looking at the apostles James and John. These brothers gained the nickname ‘The Sons of Thunder’ because of their tempers. The story of their lives gives us the understanding that intimacy with Christ isn’t for the religious, or the perfect, but for the ordinary and the flawed. Week by week we see that the disciples Jesus chose were among the most unlikely and imperfect, and in that we can all draw hope.