Bevan’s Story: Following his filmmaking dream

With the help of Wesley Disability Services, Bevan is now one step closer to his dream of working in the film industry.

It all began when Bevan expressed his passion for film and making short movies to Johnson Hassan, Service Manager at LifeSkills, Campbelltown. After learning about Bevan’s life goals, Johnson got in contact with Wesley Mission’s own production team, to find out if Bevan could join them and gain some valuable work experience.

“When I first came to know about Bevan’s goals, it clicked in my mind, and I quickly sent an email to Wesley Media. They told me that it was possible for Bevan to be a part of the team, and have that experience for his TAFE course.” says Johnson.

Jordan Kapiotas, a Producer at Wesley Media, says it was great having Bevan working on the team, as he brought so much enthusiasm. “He was definitely taking a lot in, and there is a lot to take in when you’re working in this field. A lot of the stuff he’s learned he’ll be able to take forward.”

Bevan has loved working on the Wesley team and says, “I learned how to do the camera properly. That’s my dream. Working with Jordan, it’s an awesome job.”

Jordan says it’s small things like this which make a huge difference in a career. “When Bevan goes out in the future, it’s simple things like knowing how to use a camera and set up a lighting stand that can help him get pushed onto other productions. The experience is priceless.”

Bevan’s experience with Wesley Media has helped break stereotypes about who can get into mainstream employment, with Johnson saying, “It’s helped him aspire to things that any other person would dream about, and achieve them.”

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