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From Audits to Alan Walker Village

Wesley Mission volunteers Olivia Hao, Lynn Su, Michael Huang ordinarily assist in Wesley Mission’s Internal Audit and Finance divisions. Recently, however, spreadsheets were pushed aside in favour of serving food at Alan Walker Village. These dedicated volunteers assisted management in welcoming a contingent of Japanese students who were touring the facilities. Olivia, Lynn and Michael had been lending their skills to Wesley Mission while gaining valuable work experience. Olivia is from Inner Mongolia and has completed a Masters in Accounting at Macquarie University and a Masters in Financial Analysis at the University of New South Wales. She has recently been successful in gaining a job with a major scientific organisation. Lynn was born in Malaysia but grew up in Australia and is studying finance with some electives in logistics and business analysis. She said volunteering has given her the opportunity to gain exposure and insight to new situations, people and facets of society.

“I have no doubt that the experience I gain from volunteering will help me to be better rounded, capable of adapting to change and connecting with people from a variety of backgrounds,” she said.

Taiwanese born Michael Huang is studying economics and finance at the University of New South Wales and said doing work experience at Wesley Mission had extended and broadened his knowledge and experience of financial analysis, risk management and auditing.

“Alan Walker Village is a really good place to observe business management as it is well managed and the staff are well organised,” he said.”

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