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Tucky’s story: Learning every day

Tucky and his mum Jenny live in the south of Sydney. Tucky was born with cerebral palsy and autistic tendencies and has experienced severe seizures since developing epilepsy at the age of five.

When Tucky finished school, his mum Jenny worried about what would happen to him. School had provided the structure that Tucky required and Jenny didn’t know how he would cope transitioning to life after school.

“Tucky is very capable in himself but he suffers from anxiety attacks, and we never know what will trigger his next seizure,” Jenny said. “I visited many centres across Sydney. I knew I had to find a calm, encouraging and safe environment. This is why we chose Wesley LifeSkills in Woolooware”.

Wesley LifeSkills centres assist young people with disability to transition to employment and access vocational education. The service’s day programs maintain the structure provided in schools while increasing the client’s independence, personal development and community participation.

After only a few months, Jenny could see the impact on Tucky’s life. “Tucky loves Wesley LifeSkills and everyone there. He returns each day happy and relaxed, is learning so many new things and can’t wait to go back tomorrow.”

After formal schooling, young people with a disability are sadly forgotten about by society. Wesley Mission, however, knows they have great potential and this is why it is critical that Wesley LifeSkills centres, like the Woolooware service, continue to operate.

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