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Our financial counsellors

Wesley Financial Counselling services provide free, independent and confidential face-to-face counselling. Our professional financial counsellors can help you if you are in financial distress or would like to manage your money more effectively. Call us on 1300 827 638.

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Our counsellors are professionally qualified, experienced Financial Counsellors who are accredited members of the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW (FCAN).

To gain accreditation as a Financial Counsellor applicants need to:

  • hold a recognised general counselling qualification approved by the state association
  • successfully complete a financial counselling training course, incorporating a minimum 100 hours of face-to-face counselling and approximately 200 additional hours of assignment work
  • complete six months of financial counselling under supervision of an accredited Financial Counsellor
  • sit an oral examination covering the key competences of a Financial Counsellor and undertake a written case study exam as required by the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW (FCAN).

two women looking left, one pointingSuccessful applicants receive accreditation for one year. Annual accreditation is maintained by completing 20 hours per year of advanced training, five hours of which must be in counselling skills.

All our Financial Counsellors regularly attend annual state conferences, monthly FCAN meetings, training and case conferences/supervision. Through FCAN, they participate in the process to bring about social change through legislative reform and by encouraging ethical financial industry practices.

We also provide regular internal training, group/individual case supervision, monthly staff meetings and case conferences to maintain professional service towards the people we help.

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