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2021 Christmas message

Rev Stu Cameron, CEO and Superintendent

2021 hasn’t been the year that most of us hoped for or expected. We are COVID-weary, dealing with ever-increasing complexity, ambiguity and anxiety. Where we anticipated relief, we were met with the challenges of new variants, plans deferred, lockdowns extended, and life seemingly put on hold again.

This presents us all with a choice.

Do we choose self-interested apathy?

When confronted by need or injustice, apathy whispers that it is not for us to step up but to stay back – to look after ourselves and our inner circle. Apathy craves safety and comfort above all else, and it turns us inward.

Or do we choose love?

Love compels us to act, to speak up rather than stay quiet, and confront injustice. Love awakens us to other people’s suffering – it calls us to alleviate poverty, to help people experiencing homelessness into safe accommodation. To stand as a nation against all forms of violence and hold perpetrators to account. To care deeply for our neighbours, listen, and ask about their mental health and wellbeing.

Love calls us to care for people in all regions across this great nation, to show concern for each other that reaches beyond state borders. And to be part of a global response that shares resources and vaccines. And that welcomes people seeking refuge.

Love is courageous. It expands our vision, and it takes action today to give hope to future generations.

Where can we find this revolutionary love?

Christmas shows us that love is found in the most unexpected places. A young woman, in humble circumstances, gives birth to a child who perfectly embodies the love our world so desperately needs.

Jesus actively sought out and embraced the least, the lost and the forgotten. He dignified the marginalised, honouring their shared humanity with his compassionate presence. Jesus was unafraid to overturn tables of economic injustice and confront hypocritical religious prejudice.

In Jesus, that first Christmas, perfect love, love in all its fullness, entered and embraced our world. This love, God’s love, seeks after us – every one of us, coming to us as a gift we can receive through faith should we choose.

Wesley Mission invites the city to an outdoor Christmas Picnic

Christmas Day, 25 December 2021
11 am – 1 pm, Hyde Park (near St James Station), Sydney

On Christmas Day, Wesley Mission has traditionally held a lunch in the Wesley Centre on Pitt St. This year, to provide greater safety, the outdoor setting of Hyde Park will welcome anyone in need of care and connection.

Generous boxed lunches will be provided at no cost, and a group of musicians will play carols. Wesley Mission CEO Rev Stu Cameron will share a short message of hope.

Rev Stu Cameron is available for interview:
Anne Holt | Wesley Mission | 0418 628 342 |

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