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10 ways to budget at Christmas

Reduce stress and expense this Christmas with these following budget tips:

1. Create a budget: Know your income and expenses to determine your surplus for Christmas purchases. Track your purchases via a spending app.

2. Gift limit: Put a dollar limit on each gift.

3. Create SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Goals give you a timeframe to achieve them.

4. Find extra money: Have a garage sale, get a part-time job or volunteer for overtime at work.

5. Shop smart: Make a shopping list. Shop around, compare prices and use loyalty card points.

6. Share the load: Share catering responsibilities and buy only what you need.

7. Beware credit cards, Zip Pay and AfterPay: While convenient, know repayment and interest amounts before committing. Consider using your debit card (own money) instead.

8. Pay down debts: Consistently pay down your debts, so you can start 2020 in better financial shape.

9. Start saving for Christmas 2020: Open a separate account and have funds automatically transferred every pay day.

10. Connect with loved ones: No one will remember if the napkins matched but they will remember if you didn’t talk to them all day.

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