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2019 Dedication Service - dedicating our year and work together

Music and song filled the Wesley Theatre as musicians from congregations and staff, along with members of the Samoan congregation choir, led the 2019 Dedication Service.

The vibrant worship gave Wesley Mission staff, congregation, volunteers and board members the opportunity to gather together and dedicate our efforts and activities as a mission to God, as we journey through 2019.

The service was an opportunity for all present to reflect on our vision, to ‘do all the good we can’, and to ask for His guidance as we carry out that vision in action. Michael Anderson, Chair of the Wesley Community Services Board, encouraged everyone to have the same mindset as Jesus and to pursue servanthood as demonstrated in Philippians 2:5-8, as we each set priorities for 2019.

“Christ models servanthood for us, it very much involves not standing upon entitlement. It involves choosing to serve actively. It involves humbling and lowering ourselves on occasions to serve. One client at a time, one fellow worker at a time.”

Prayers were offered during the service by Chris England, Chief Operations Officer, David Cannings, Chief Financial Officer and Dr Keith Suter.

Our CEO, the Rev Keith Garner, spoke on where Wesley Mission draws confidence from, speaking on Romans 1:16, ‘I am not ashamed of the gospel…’

“The great thing we hold on to is that we have a message and a purpose that God has given to us. Let us recharge our batteries today and raise our expectations, and let’s refuse to go it alone, but go together in confidence.”

Mr Garner reflected on the journey God will share with us this year, and the support God will give us through hurdles we may face:

“Almost all of us experience some kind of limitation within in our lives, but that should not discourage us. Just as limitations don’t remove our ability to serve God as an organisation, the same secret will be there… we don’t have everything, we don’t know everything, we don’t have every skill that is going but what we do have is confidence, that the God who has met us in Jesus Christ will go with us through this year every step of the way.”

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