Building resilient young people skilled for the future

Here at Wesley Mission, we help young people build resilience to achieve their life and career goals.

But sadly, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has disproportionately impacted Australia’s youth and young adults. In May 2020, youth (15-24 years) unemployment rose another two per cent, and now sits at 16.1 per cent*.

While a challenging statistic, we’re committed to helping young people strengthen their work skills to build their futures beyond COVID-19.

Today is World Youth Skills Day and we’re shining a light on our programs and services, which help young people gain important work skills.

Young single mum, Paige, knows this battle all too well. While searching for employment and juggling her responsibilities as a parent, Paige struggled with her mental health. Paige experienced social anxiety to the point where she couldn’t leave her own home.

But thanks to Wesley Mission’s Opportunity Pathways, Paige completed training to develop the necessary skills to help her thrive in the workplace. Not only can Paige now leave her house, but she confidently engages with customers at her job at Coles.

“My life goals were to just be more confident, stable financially and I’m getting there already,” Paige explained.

Through regular support from Opportunity Pathways staff, Paige said she is now more confident in herself and as a parent.

“My son has noticed a change in me. He always says, ‘You’re so happy mum’. He can definitely tell the difference.”

Learn more about our programs and services, including Wesley WorkSmartWesley Mission’s Opportunity PathwaysWesley ParentsNext and Wesley Vocational Institute (RTO Code: 90091), which provide opportunities for people to gain skills to enter the workforce and set them on a path towards achieving their career goals.

Reach out for support

If you’re struggling with your mental health, know you’re not alone. There are several support services and resources available to you:

  • Lifeline 13 11 14 
  • Beyond Blue 1800 512 348
  • In an emergency, call 000 

For further support, Lifeline and Beyond Blue have many helpful tips to help improve your mental health and wellbeing during this pandemic.

*ABS Labour Force Summary – May 2020.

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