Crowds at Circular Quay join in Palm Sunday celebrations

Sydneysiders and tourists in Circular Quay witnessed a Palm Sunday celebration as Wesley Mission recreated Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

The crowds grew as the parade of song and waving palms moved along Circular Quay’s eastern promenade towards the Sydney Opera House. People in nearby restaurants and cafes turned from their meals and conversations, some clapping along, others capturing the moment on their devices.

Handing out palm branches to passers-by, people from Wesley Mission answered questions about what the celebrations meant.

“Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ. It’s the beginning and end of our story. Jesus’ sacrificial love revealed on the cross sends a simple yet powerful message to all — you matter to God. The procession and celebration are a symbol of this,” said Wesley Mission CEO the Rev Keith Garner.

It is said that crowds joyfully laid palms and their coats in front of Jesus Christ as he rode into Jerusalem, giving Him an entry worthy of rulers who typically arrived on chariots, not a donkey as he did that first Palm Sunday. Despite Jesus knowing that the journey would lead Him to a cross the following Friday, Palm Sunday is marked as one of joy as people remember His welcome and the hope those attending had in His presence

“Palm Sunday reminds us of Jesus Christ’s care for all. It calls for the end of racial divisions and inspires us to love in service of others. The event united people from every part of our city, the fanfare embodying the passion of believers,” said Garner.

When the parade reached its destination a series of multicultural performers including Korean drummers, Indonesian dancers, Tongan and Samoan singers performed. As if rehearsed, the crowd lifted their voices for the beloved hymn, Amazing Grace, while people shared short testimonies written on cards, telling of the transforming work of God in their lives. 

A momentous event in the Christian calendar and the beginning of Holy Week, Palm Sunday is the start of Jesus’ final journey towards the cross, which took place the following Friday, now known as Good Friday.

Join with Wesley Mission in Martin Place Amphitheatre this Friday 19 April to witness a dramatic retelling of Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion.

“We welcome all to join in and experience the meaningful journey of Easter,” Garner added.

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