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Jay’s fearless fundraising

Jay Ng is not afraid to make himself uncomfortable if it helps the people Wesley Mission supports. In August, to fundraise for Wesley Mission’s homeless services, he completed the 14km City2Surf fun-run in a dinosaur costume and blue face-paint, carrying a bunch of balloons.

Adopting this unique strategy of doing dares if his supporters give him more donations, Jay has raised an exceptional $8,648 for Wesley Mission in the last three City2Surf events alone.

“I wanted to maybe make people take a second look, just by being a bit silly and a bit funny,” Jay says. “I think finding a way to stand out helps people pay attention when there is so much going on.”

Mud will replace Jay’s face-paint for his next fundraising challenge, though. He will be the team captain of Wesley Mission’s brave fundraisers at the Tough Mudder Sydney 5K on Saturday 16 November.

To conquer this five-kilometre course through obstacles including log hurdles and the ‘quagmire’ crater filled with mud, Jay’s training program will include weights at the gym to build his upper body strength.

As Wesley Mission’s Property Development Manager, Jay has an intimate knowledge of the difference he’ll be making.

One major project he is working on right now is a much-needed refurbishment of our Wesley Edward Edgar Centre, scheduled to commence in 2020.

“To help solve homelessness, we are looking to change the configuration of the accommodation rooms to really improve people’s overall outcomes, and help them break the cycle of homelessness by taking them right out of the situation they’re in,” says Jay.

“I like the fact that we’re doing something really significant and it will have hopefully a profound impact on the community and on people experiencing homelessness.”

“When I’m fundraising for these services I can see I’m making a difference. That’s my goal.”

Two ways to join Jay

  1. Register today to participate with Jay in the Tough Mudder Sydney 5K on Saturday 16 November fundraising for Wesley Mission’s homeless services.
  2. If you can’t make it, but you’d like to show our homelessness heroes you’re with them in spirit, give a donation now towards Wesley Mission’s Tough Mudder fundraisers.

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