Nothing Less - Easter 2019

As we move through life, the layers build up – relationships, work, education, hobbies, obligations, stress, responsibilities, interests….

Easter provides the opportunity to tear it all back and get down to ‘Nothing Less’ than the cross of Christ.

Sometimes the layers of life are positive and helpful – relationships, work, study, hobbies and interests.

Sometimes the layers feel heavy and hard – stress, illness, financial troubles, relationship break-down and loneliness.

Whether you’re choosing to tear it back yourself and decluttering your life, or it’s regrettably being torn from you without your choice, we do hope that Easter will help you discover ‘Nothing Less’ than God’s unending love for you.

Easter is a special season to consider what our hope is built on.

Please join us in a number of ways this Easter to contemplate some of the special messages of Easter:

  • Jesus paid ‘Nothing Less’ than His life for you.

  • God gave ‘Nothing Less’ than His only Son to reach you.

  • You are worth ‘Nothing Less’ than the life of Jesus.

  • God desires ‘Nothing Less’ than all of us when we give our hearts to Him.

Journey with us through Lent with our daily reflections.

Join us on 14 April for Palm Sunday to remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Book tickets to our special Easter Luncheon or Easter Breakfast.

Join us on 19 April for Good Friday to remember Jesus, our spotless Saviour.

Join us on 21 April for Easter Sunrise Service to celebrate our risen Lord!

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