Rebuilding futures after New South Wales’ floods

For many, New South Wales’ recent floods have left a devastating aftermath. People have lost homes, livelihoods and sadly, loved ones.

While people are starting to rebuild, many are still faced with financial uncertainty. Unfortunately for some, the prospect of receiving financial reimbursement from their insurance company has also been lost, due to a lack of coverage.

“It’s just heartbreaking seeing all these people who’ve lost everything,” Sarah-Jane shares, Wesley Financial & Gambling Counselling, Early Intervention Youth Programs and Assistance with Care and Housing Regional Manager. “And many of them can’t even start rebuilding their futures because they’re still struggling to access financial supports. So we’re helping them in every way we can.”

Food, financials and hope 

Wesley Financial Counselling stepped in to provide much-needed support to people experiencing financial difficulty. Teaming up with Wesley Emergency Relief, a drop-in support service was set up in Pitt Town, north-west of Sydney’s CBD throughout March and early April 2021.

“Knowing where and how to access financial support, especially in a time like this, when you’re still dealing with all the loss, shock and grief, is very daunting and sometimes seems impossible. So being there for them, helping them in navigating and getting access to these essential financial supports is vital,” Sarah-Jane says. 

At our drop-in support service, we handed out Wesley Emergency Relief hampers filled with food, including fresh fruit and vegetables and Kmart vouchers to replace essential bedding.

Wesley Financial Counselling were also on-site to provide financial advice and assistance to help people in need get back on their feet, including referrals to speak with a Wesley Financial Counsellor. 

We offer free, independent and confidential counselling to assist people experiencing financial difficulty and help people take control of their finances. Wesley Financial Counsellors can help you make a budget, provide you with options to address your financial challenges and advocate or negotiate on your behalf with creditors, government agencies and others. 

Need financial support?

If you or someone you know has been affected by the recent New South Wales floods, contact Wesley Emergency Relief right now for essentials and call 1300 827 638 to speak with one of our Wesley Financial Counsellors for financial advice and support.

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