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SALT strategy: how to support someone at risk of suicide

12 September 2017 Wesley Mission news

On Thursday 14 September, Wesley Mission is a hosting a special memorial service at the Sydney Opera House. Coinciding with R U OK? Day, the service is an opportunity for people who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide, to come together in a spirit of comfort and hope, to grieve those they have lost.

Along with supporting the bereaved by suicide through our memorial services, Wesley LifeForce suicide training program exists to empower and educate local communities to support those at risk of suicide.

While R U OK? Day is a great cause that rallies people across the nation to create mental health awareness, Wesley LifeForce, takes this one step further, moving from awareness to action through the SALT strategy.

When supporting someone at risk of suicide, Wesley LifeForce recommends following a simple acronym: see, ask, listen tell or take (SALT). It starts with identifying someone at risk of suicide and working with that person to help them on a pathway to recovery.

See: The S stands for seeing. It's about identifying that someone is struggling.

Ask: The A is an opportunity to ask someone if they are considering taking their life. This gives them permission to open up about their struggles.

Listen: L simply means to listen. It's giving the person at risk of suicide, an opportunity to open up and to share what they're going through. 

Tell or take: The T is the culmination of the SALT process, where we talk to this this person about taking action by receiving professional help.

Join a Wesley LifeForce memorial service

Held on the northern board walk of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney memorial service runs between 12 noon and 1 pm on Thursday 14 September. Now in its 20th year, Wesley LifeForce also hosts memorial services in Newcastle, Darwin, Adelaide and Brisbane.

If you're in a crisis situation and need to talk to someone immediately, Lifeline is available and ready to help you by calling 13 11 14.

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