Another year on, the journey forward

Wesley Mission is committed to walking alongside everyone who needs us on their journey, for however long they need us. Many of our clients will receive support from one or more of our programs to achieve the goals they have for their life, across their lifetime.  Here is the next chapter in both David’s and Melissa’s journeys.

David’s next step forward

After suddenly becoming homeless in his early fifties, David found a home and future through the support of Wesley Homeless Services.

For the last two-and-a-half years, David has lived in a transitional home, provided by Wesley Community Housing while he completed training for the workforce. Now working as a fruit and veggie packer, David recently moved into a one-bedroom unit he can permanently call home.

Grateful for his Wesley Mission family, David continues to attend church and Bible study run by Chaplain, Michael Tang at Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge.

Melissa’s second chance at motherhood

Since completing a hands-on parenting course called ‘SafeCare’ through Wesley Brighter Futures, Melissa’s relationship with her three-year-old daughter has gone from strength to strength.

Macy is Melissa’s fourth child. And thanks to Wesley Mission’s support, both mother and daughter are forming a close, long-lasting bond through using SafeCare techniques. For Melissa and Macy, snuggles and playtime are now a daily occurrence. Melissa is teaching Macy to write her name and Macy even likes to help cook dinner. They’ve found a shared love for dancing and now attend the same dance school.

Melissa is committed to creating a safe home not only for Macy but her other three children. Two of Melissa’s older children, Teresa, 15 and Jarod, 13 were initially removed from her after she experienced domestic violence with her previous partner. Her second youngest child Rydha, aged seven, went to live with his paternal grandmother.

Since receiving support from Wesley Brighter Futures, Teresa and Jarod have returned to Melissa’s care. Rydha regularly visits their new and bigger home to spend time with Melissa and his siblings.

Melissa has taken positive steps continually to create a safe and comfortable home by seeking support. Since returning home, Jarod struggled with behavioural issues and Melissa sought help through Wesley Youth Hope, which focuses on growth
and development to help young people remain in their families.

“I’ve learnt that it’s OK to ask for help. By reaching out and accepting help for Jarod, this has made a huge
impact in our home life. I’m now more open to asking and accepting help,” said Melissa.

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