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Restoring hope after homelessness

With housing affordability at an all time low in Sydney, more people are expected to experience homelessness. We launched our Wesley Edward Eagar Centre (WEEC) appeal to redevelop our crisis accommodation and meet this growing need. We’re very close to reaching our fundraising goal. But we need help now to finish this crucial project and re-open doors to vulnerable people in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The upgraded centre will offer men and women a place to live supported by onsite services helping them permanently break the cycle of homelessness. The 40 single accommodation rooms will each have locks on their doors and an ensuite, replacing the old shared bathrooms and providing greater privacy, independence and safety for clients. There will be a dedicated and secure floor for women, who now make up about 60% of those experiencing homelessness*. We’re ready to rise to the challenges presented by this extraordinary time we’re living through. We want to help people in the way their changing circumstances demand. But we can’t do it without an extraordinary commitment from others who share our belief in ‘helping those in most in need, because every life matters’.

Your special gift towards our WEEC Appeal can help us close the funding gap and get hurting people like Vince, back into a nurturing space where their lives can be restored.

Vince, former resident of Wesley Edward Eagar Centre has said “I’d just like to thank Wesley Mission for the support that they’ve given me and the good work that they’re doing in the community.” Read more about Vince’s story.

Thank you if you have supported the refurbishment of our WEEC crisis accommodation. Would you like to give towards this exciting project?

* Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, December 2020.

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