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2009: Give kids a chance: no one deserves to be left out

The Wesley Report

Read the latest issue of The Wesley Report, a periodic publication of new research on homelessness, financial stress, mental health and children and families.

Wesley Operation Hope

Wesley Operation Hope is a camp based program for disadvantaged children building self-esteem and encouraging self-worth. Learn how to get involved.

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their potential and to lead a fulfilling life. Wesley Mission is committed to helping this happen. This report focuses on the development of social skills in children who are victims or perpetrators of bullying and how this experience has affected them in adult life. Much attention has previously been given to the distinct identities of the victims and perpetrators in bullying but this research suggests that many victims become bullies themselves. Schools, families and community groups all have a vital part to play in helping to prevent bullying and to lay foundations for restored relationships.

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