2020: Reducing distress in the community following the COVID-19 pandemic

Reducing distress in the community following the COVID-19 pandemic

Read our latest report that explores the link between COVID-19 and community distress, and our research-based government recommendations.

Wesley LifeForce

Wesley LifeForce provides suicide prevention services that support people most at risk, and educate and empower local communities.

Suicide Prevention Australia

Wesley LifeForce is a proud member of Suicide Prevention Australia. Suicide Prevention Australia is the national peak body for people working in suicide prevention in Australia.

The deeper effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being understood, but it is clear that a number of factors are causing increased distress in the community, including:

  • high levels of unemployment
  • financial stress
  • violence at home during lockdown
  • substance abuse and alcohol consumption
  • social isolation
  • homelessness.

This joint white paper, released by Suicide Prevention Australia and Wesley Mission, investigates the link between the pandemic and distress-causing factors, and examines current and future negative outcomes.

The paper is particularly important for individuals and organisations involved in reducing distress in the community following COVID-19, including government stakeholders, policymakers and key decision makers. It highlights the importance of well-equipped support services, inclusive of mental health and suicide prevention. The report highlights a series of recommendations for Government to help protect the wellbeing of at-risk Australians.

You can read the white paper below or download a copy by clicking on the button on the left.

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