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    Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland Celebrating 60 years of hope

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    Celebrating 60 Years

    Just over 60 years ago, Wesley Mission’s then Superintendent, Rev. Sir Alan Walker invited a small group of friends to his home. Troubled by increasing phone calls from people in distress, including a man who had later taken his own life, Alan Walker invited the group to find a way with him they could ensure all calls for help would be answered.

    After some time and much prayer, the answer came to them. They would create a centralised 24/7 telephone crisis support service, and they would call it Lifeline.

    Alan Walker saw a need 60 years ago and responded to it with a compassion and pragmatism that continues to underpin Lifeline activity across the globe today. Thanks to his vision and legacy, millions of people across the world have experienced connection in the face of isolation and hope in place of despair.

    At Wesley Mission, we’ve continued to play a leading role in Alan Walker’s movement to prevent suicide deaths in Australia. Our work is ongoing, and commitment is resolute. Our steadfast vision is a nation that is free from suicide altogether, and as such, our programs are designed to ensure that every person has access to the help they need when they need it.

    Our landmark Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland centre is currently answering record numbers of calls. Further increases are expected this year, with cost-of-living and financial stress now impacting people’s mental health¹.

    We’re committed to ensuring we have enough trained Volunteer Crisis Supporters so that each call for help can be answered, as Alan Walker and his congregation members envisioned all those years ago.

    “As the city of Sydney grew, many were languishing on the sidelines of society and the turning point came one Sunday night in Sydney, just after midnight, when the telephone rang at our home in Roseville.

     “From a desperate call, the tragedy of suicide and a helplessness that was felt by many… the amazing work of Lifeline was born.” Sir Alan Walker.

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