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    Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers

    Volunteers, the beating heart of Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland

    Throughout our 60-year history, volunteers have been the lifeblood of Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland.

    Ken White is currently our longest serving Accredited Lifeline Volunteer Crisis Supporter, celebrating 40 years with us this year. Ken was initially drawn to volunteering following his own challenging times, where he experienced first-hand the difference that speaking with someone can make. He resolved to help others as he himself had been helped, through listening.

    “Talking something through, just verbalising itself, can bring whole new perspectives and that’s what we’re doing at Lifeline that’s so powerful,” says Ken. “We’re there as a listening ear for people whether they call us sobbing uncontrollably or are calm and can explain what’s on their mind”.

    After 40 years, Ken has quite literally become part of the furniture at the Lifeline Sydney centre, with a dedicated Ken White Booth established in his honour. Other accolades include Senior Volunteer Award Winner and 2020 Volunteer of the Year. Ken has seen a lot over the decades, and has saved many lives, but there’s more to come from him yet.

    “There’s still such a need out there,” says Ken. “I thought I’d finish up after ten years, then fifteen, but I’m still here after nearly forty years because if I’m not here, that’s one less person for people to talk to”.

    It’s people like Ken who keep our critical service running, people who are generous in both time and spirit. Without our amazing team of volunteers, Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland simply couldn’t exist. Thank you to Ken and thank you to every volunteer for their driving compassion and ongoing commitment to helping people in their darkest times.

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