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Winter 2022: You changed the lives of Sarah and Elizabeth*

Wesley Impact! news

Read the latest issue of Wesley Impact! news to learn more about the people you have helped and how their lives have changed through your donations.

Welcome to the Winter 2022 edition of our Impact! news with powerful stories of how your donations have made a difference to the people we serve together. Unless you’ve experienced homelessness in winter, it’s almost impossible to imagine. If we don’t act now to help people without homes, their hardship will be unbearable as the nights get colder and longer, and their fear and misery grow. Sadly, some of those impacted are just little babies, like Elizabeth was when her mum Sarah fled with her from family violence, and they slept on the streets in the rain. However, thanks to supporters like you, Sarah and Elizabeth now have the comfort and relief of a safe home. Through this edition of our newsletter we want to keep you informed about the impact your kindness and compassion has on people in need. Please click on the images below to read stories of hope, hear how our supporters are helping and learn about ways you can get involved. Thank you for partnering with us to help people most in need.

*Name and photo changed for privacy.


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