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Winter 2024: Your support brings warmth on the coldest winter nights

Wesley Impact! news

Read the latest issue of Wesley Impact! news to learn more about the people you have helped and how their lives have changed through your donations.

Wesley Impact! news is where we share stories about the people, programs and services you’ve supported through your donations. We value your ongoing trust as stewards of your continued generosity.

As the weather cools down, most of us will buy more wood for the fire, pop on the electric blankets and turn up the heat on the air conditioning. But with the continuing dual housing and cost-of-living crises, many Australians are facing cold and lonely months ahead.

Thankfully, with your support we can offer warmth, care and connection this winter just like we did for Emily.

Pushed into homelessness at just 17, Emily* packed her life into her car and fled a violent home. She had nowhere to go and no one to trust, until she met Julz, a Wesley Mission youth housing worker.

In this edition of Wesley Impact! news you’ll meet Emily and the Wesley Mission team who helped her get back on her feet, including Halen, the therapy dog.

You’ll find out how Rev Noreen Towers created a legacy of hope for people experiencing homelessness across Sydney, and how your generosity is continuing her work today.

You’ll also hear from Mark and Brodie who, each in their different ways, are contributing to the work of Wesley Mission.

*Names, photos and some details changed to protect privacy

How can your monthly gift change the future for Australians in crisis

Whether you’ve given when you can, are a regular donor or have left a gift in your Will, thank you. Your compassion means we can support people in crisis across Australia.

As a regular donor, your generosity is amplified as we’re empowered to make strategic, sustainable investments that have long-lasting impacts in the communities we serve.

If you want to ensure your gift has maximum impact, become a regular donor today.

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