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Best of 2014: A pearl from ashes

15 February 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Julie Mallinson from Elim Kids and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores 1 Corinthians.

Julie's story
After spending two weeks in China in 2007 working with orphans, Julie Mallinson, an Australian GP, and her husband and family decided to move there and dedicate their lives to caring for orphans. During their time in China, against all odds, Julie and others saved the life of an orphaned child, Pearl, who was dying from HIV/AIDS. Julie and her husband have now founded an organisation, Elim Kids, dedicated to treating and caring for orphaned children who need urgent medical care. Julie has captured her story in her recent book, A pearl from ashes. 

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Foster Care Services
Wesley Mission is one of New South Wales’ largest providers of foster care with services extending through the Hunter Region, Central Coast and Greater Western Sydney. The support, stability and love of a foster family can give children a chance to enjoy their childhood. Wesley Mission recently celebrated a new foster care service in Maitland which will oversee 228 children and 150 carers.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner explores the gifts of the Spirit as described in 1 Corinthians 12. He looks at how there are many gifts, all from the one spirit of God. These gifts are diverse, just as God is many faceted and passes on different gifts to each of us for the building up of the Church. 

Guest performers
Jordan Worner and John Newsome join us this week. Jordan is a young Australian singer/songwriter. He is passionate about leading people into God's presence through music, and has had opportunity to do so all over the world. John is a captivating performer with honest, inspiring sounds and exceptional vocal talent. He combines pop, rock and folk styles to take people on journeys of faith and hope.