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Bringing Bible stories to children

22 March 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet children's book author Andrew McDonough and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores John.

Andrew's story
Author Andrew McDonough first discovered his talent for illustrating and storytelling when he gave a children’s talk at a church as a young Bible college student. Since then, Andrew has created, written and illustrated the Lost Sheep series of children’s books, which use colourful animal characters to tell the stories of Jesus in the Bible. The main character, Cecil the sheep, is known and used in 50 different countries, including thousands of churches in the UK. Through his books, Andrew hopes that both children and adults can understand who Jesus Christ is and be encouraged to follow and trust him throughout their life journey. 

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Family Centres
Today we visit Wesley Family Centre, Westlakes, to see how support services such as playgroups, parenting programs, mums and bubs groups, and one on one home visiting are helping families in the community. We meet a young mum, Erin, and hear how this Wesley Family Centre has helped her and her young daughter face challenges and develop confidence and happiness as a family.

Keith's reflection
As Easter approaches we look today in John’s Gospel at a moment shortly before Jesus went to the cross. Here, some Greeks boldly approached his disciples wanting to see him. In his reply, Jesus indicated that the cross would be his hour of glory. We are encouraged to see the cross as John does, in the light of the resurrection, and to actively desire to see and meet with Jesus in our own daily lives. 

Guest performers
Today we are joined by talented Australian singer/songwriter Tania G who brings an extensive vocal range and years of experience to her performance. We are also joined by talented performer Steve McPherson. Steve is the CEO of Hillsong Music Publishing in Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience as a performer, producer, songwriter and publisher.