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Fun ways to help Wesley Mission

9 August 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV Wesley Mission's Business Development Manager Paul Mendham shares his insights on fundraising and the Rev Keith Garner explores the Gospel of Matthew.

Everyday Hero—Jason Hooper' s amazing fundraising story
Paralympian Jason Hooper shares what has motivated him to swim for seven hours to raise almost $1000 for Wesley Mission through Everyday Hero. Jason has earned the name 'Mr Determination' for his perseverance in and out of the pool. Born with Apert syndrome, Jason has won 100 gold medals in his 25 years as a disabled athlete and was inspired to use this talent to help people who are homeless when he saw several people in need one New Year's Day. Everyday Hero gives people the opportunity to raise money for Wesley Mission and fulfil a personal dream or challenge at the same time.

Paul Mendham on fun ways to raise money for Wesley Mission.
Wesley Mission's Business Development Manager Paul Mendham unpacks the many ways in which people support the work of Wesley Mission. One of these initiatives is Everyday Hero, a platform that helps people come up with their own challenges, whether it be giving up certain things or participating in a sporting event, in order to raise money. In doing this, they achieve personal goals, and support crucial services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. As he heads up this work, Paul shares how he sees Christ's love being clearly displayed in the work that is done in Word and deed at Wesley Mission.

Guest performer

Tilarni Senn joins us on the Wesley Impact! stage today. Tilarni is a seasoned singer with a gifted soulful voice that can cover a range of vocal styles including Jazz, soul, R & B and pop music. 

Keith's reflection

Today the Rev Keith Garner explores the last section of the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus uses a practical part of life with which he would have been familiar, house building, to explain where our spiritual foundation should be. When the storms hit, the survival of the house depended solely on the hidden foundations of the house. In the same way, our faith must have its foundation in Christ and these foundations, in our values and prayers we hold on to, are worth investing in. It follows then that our actions will ultimately be a reflection of these foundations.