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Palliative care, a loving hand in hard times

9 November 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we take a look at how Wesley Mission helped Susan Sampson with financial burdens, we talk to Dr Yvonne McMaster who has spent most of her career as a palliative carer, and we look at the life of Stephen.

Help in times of financial need

In this episode we hear from Susan Sampson, who came to Wesley Mission needing help with financial concerns. She speaks about the painful loss of her husband Craig, who passed away from cancer. Susan faced many monetary struggles after the passing of her husband and she talks about how Wesley Mission helped lift the burden of financial worry.

Dr Yvonne McMaster interview

The Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks with Dr Yvonne McMaster, who has spent much of her working life engaged in palliative care. She discusses the incredible rewards that come from being able to make a positive difference for people facing the end of life. She also talks about the value of her faith which has deepened her sense of purpose in walking people through their final days and helping their families face grief. Hers is an encouraging story of the positive value of palliative care.

Guest performer: Sharny Russell - My All in All

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Sharny Russell who performs the beautiful song, My All in All.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Stephen

This episode continues the short series on the lives of New Testament characters with a look at the life of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. The Rev Dr Keith Garner provides a reflection on a reading from Acts, where we find Stephen called a “Man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit.” The fruit of Stephen’s ministry was incredibly powerful as it led to the greatest conversion of all time- that of Saul who became Paul. In his life we find inspiration for faith lived out. He was a man who was willing to serve, stand for his beliefs, change others with his witness and even lay down his life. His is a life that is mentioned briefly and yet it had a ripple effect that changed the course of the early church.