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Preparing the way

6 December 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

There is always something happening in the life of Wesley Mission. In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV we discover some of these, speak with the inspirational John Bradford, listen to the beautiful voice of Jo Peacock and examine the significance of John the Baptist in the Advent story.

Haircut for Homelessness

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to raise the funds needed to operate our services. Haircut for Homelessness is an example of this. In April 2013, with the support of a team from Just Cuts, we cut the hair of 375 people, smashing the existing world record by a team of hairdressers by 50.

Special guest: John Bradford

In this episode, the Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks with an ex-serviceman in the Australian Army, local councillor, Federal politician and missionary, John Bradford. John is facing one of the toughest challenges of his life and continues to look positively on what’s ahead.

Guest performer: Jo Peacock – You’re here

Jo Peacock joins us singing the Francessca Battistelli song, You’re Here.

Keith’s message: The significance of John the Baptist

In Luke’s Gospel, the scene is being set for John the Baptist to come into the Advent drama. You can’t really go through Advent without reference to John – the one who went before Him.

God prepares for his kingdom by humbling the arrogant, raising the lowly and smoothing the rough places that keep God from entering our lives. John was a voice in the wilderness – proclaiming that God was coming – though not a natural theme of Christmas, it’s a relevant one!