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Schoolies Revolution

17 November 2013 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Joel Poppenbeck and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores the book of Jeremiah.

Joel’s story
As the summer months approach and the end of the academic year looms, one organisation is seeking to offer young people a positive alternative to the excesses and destructive behaviour often associated with ‘schoolies week’. Schoolies Revolution takes young people on three week trips to third world countries where they are involved in projects that assist those living in poverty. Joel Poppenbeck founded the Schoolies Revolution concept, which is part of Hope Builders International. Joel talks to the Rev Dr Keith Garner about the success of the program and the impact this is having on the lives of Australian young people. 

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Operation Hope
Wesley Mission’s Operation Hope camps provide a place for young people to get away from their everyday life and experience something new. Operation Hope camper Sinead talks about the pain of being bullied at school and how she came to find love and acceptance at the camp. Through the care and support of leaders like Jess and the spirit of encouragement found at the camp, Sinead has built self-esteem and confidence. She now looks forward to going to school and connecting with friends. 

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner leads this week’s sermon on Jeremiah in the fourth of a six week series looking at the prophets of the Old Testament.

Guest performers
This week we are pleased to welcome Wesley Impact! TV's band and music leader Craig Gower to perform. We also hear from young Australian performer Liz Cole. Liz's remarkable gift for music is well beyond her years, combining musical talent with poetic lyrics.