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The man with 50 kids

24 May 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet prolific child sponsor David Chalmers and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Acts.

David's story
Known as 'The man with 50 kids' for his generosity in sponsoring 54 children in 26 countries, David Chalmers shares his enthusiasm for child sponsorship and Compassion Australia. David signed up to sponsor one child at a Christian conference in 2006, but was inspired to sponsor more when he visited that child. David saw the difference Compassion was making in the lives of individuals and communities through the local church, and he has now visited 31 children in 12 countries. David explains how his motivation to help those in need comes from his Christian faith, and that his trust in God's provision enables him to give so much to others. He wants others to know the real difference one person can make in the world and the purpose and meaning child sponsorship has brought to his life.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Youth Services
We take a look at how Wesley Youth Services reaches out to vulnerable young people in the community every year, offering hope and understanding. One extraordinary young woman, Elisha, shares how she came to live on the streets when she was only 11 years old. Scared and alone, Elisha explains how Wesley Youth Services helped her through this difficult time. With new found confidence in herself, Elisha is beginning to feel like she can succeed in life.

Keith's reflection
On this Pentecost Sunday, the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores what happened at the first Christian Pentecost. We consider how the apostles had waited for this day, and when it finally came, they were all in one place in Jerusalem and were joined by people from every nation. As tongues of fire came to rest on them, they were filled with power and given the capacity to do what God would ask of them. We too need to have the Holy Spirit, to empower us as we reach out to people in every area and every aspect of life.