Mahla’s story: Building self esteem

Wesley Employment & Training received a referral from one of the schools for a young lady called Mahla*. Mahla is a 15 year old African girl who came to Australia as a refugee. She had experienced many horrific things in her country which were now affecting her schooling, family life and her integration in a new country. As a result of this, Mahla resorted to self-harm in a hope to relieve some of the emotional pain she was experiencing. Mahla had been seeing a counsellor for a long time but was not really benefiting from their sessions. She said “counselling is boring and a waste of time”.

For many months, Wesley Employment & Training provided Mahla with support, encouragement and mentoring. As a result, Mahla has stopped self-harming and her self-esteem has greatly improved. She is still at school and hopes to successfully complete her HSC. Mahla says the following about Wesley Employment & Training:

“It makes me feel good and they help me not to harm my life.”

This is just one of the many lives Wesley Employment & Training has touched.

* Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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