Robyn's story: Selflessly helping those in need

Robyn Jeney is a mother, a grandmother and a life-long volunteer who is genuinely driven and energised by the joy she feels from helping people.

“I don’t want to rust out; I want to wear out doing good for others,” she said. “People don’t realise what a privilege it is to volunteer–your own problems don’t seem as big, don’t seem as overwhelming when you see what others are going through.”

For the past three years, Wesley Mission has been blessed to benefit from Robyn’s time and skills. As a volunteer, Robyn provides invaluable support, drawing on 26 years of experience as a school administrator and a lifetime commitment to volunteering and doing all she can to help and care for others.

“I’m not the most adventurous person in the world but sometimes you just have to give it a go. This is what I say to people who are my age and say they are bored, they haven’t got anything to do. ‘Why don’t you volunteer?’ I say, ‘Just give it a go.’”

Robyn began volunteering when she was just 15 years old, playing the 120 bass piano accordion on the street outside the local pub to support her church’s outreach services. Since then, she has built up an extensive volunteer portfolio that in addition to volunteering at Wesley Mission includes fundraising for church activities, running a café through her church, and teaching Sunday School.

Like treasured family recipes, the joy of volunteering and giving time to help others has been passed down via generations of women in Robyn’s family. It can be traced back at least to Robyn’s grandmother, her mother Eve continued the tradition of volunteering, and it’s no surprise that Robyn has passed the desire to do good on to her daughter Michelle who, until recently, also volunteered at Wesley Mission.

Last November, Robyn Jeney took out the Wesley Corporate category in Wesley Mission’s inaugural Making A Difference Awards. The awards, which attracted countless nominations across seven categories, give Wesley Mission the opportunity to recognise the invaluable support of our 3,500 dedicated volunteers. Wesley Mission is blessed to have thousands of people, just like Robyn, who are dedicated to helping people in need through volunteering–and who chose Wesley Mission as the way to do that.

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