Sarah's story: The gift of joy at Christmas

Wesley Mission started supporting the family when Tim was having difficulty at school. With assistance from Wesley Family Centre Westlakes he was later diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Christine said that without the support of Wesley Mission caseworkers she would not still have her children in her custody.

Alison and Louise from Wesley Family Centre Westlakes were there to support her as she cared for Tim and lived with the breakdown of her relationship.

Christine said the lead up to Christmas each year has always meant the rising pressure of end-of-year bills and the disappointment of not being able to give her children the Christmas experience that other parents can provide.

“As a single parent, all it takes is one thing to go wrong, one extra bill to come in and it can take months to recover,” she said.

Fortunately for the family, Wesley Mission was able to provide a Christmas hamper with food and gifts for the family, relieving the financial pressure and providing the family with the joy of Christmas. For Sarah, the hamper meant waking up to presents, sharing a Christmas meal, having that sense of security, and feeling of being one of the ‘normal’ children on her street. Wesley Mission has also been able to provide further assistance to Christine through the ‘1-2-3 Magic’ parenting program and other courses. Christine said these programs have given her a better understanding of Tim.

“The difference for Tim has been immeasurable”, Christine said.”

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