Sinead’s story: Building confidence and self esteem

Sinead is such an upbeat 14-year-old that you would never think she was bullied at school. A few years ago the bullying was especially intense. Sinead used to retaliate, sometimes getting into fights and being suspended from school.

Her mum, Imelda, remembers how difficult those times were. As a single mum, Imelda needs to work seven days a week to support her three children.

“Sinead didn’t want to go to school,” Imelda said. “She didn’t even want to get out of bed.”

Things changed, however, when Sinead went to a Wesley Operation Hope camp at Wesley Vision Valley. Sinead has now attended several camps and you can see the difference. She is also more assured at school.

In fact, she now helps other young people who are being bullied. The girl who was once in so much trouble at school is now a mentor. Wesley Operation Hope also has Sinead thinking about a different future.

“Eventually, I want to become a child care worker.” Sinead said.

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