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A just God in an unjust world part 3: He is calling you

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Listen to the Rev Dr Keith Garner’s sermon from this week’s Praise, Prayer & Preaching service.

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By Rev Dr Rick Dacey

This week the Rev Dr Rick Dacey considers a reading from Mark 10 about Jesus giving sight to Bartimaeus. We find in Bartimaeus a man whose life is small: he is confined by his blindness to sitting on the sidelines as life passes him by. When he calls out Jesus asks Bartimaeus to leave his familiar comfort zone and come to Him. Not only does Bartimaeus have the courage to stand and walk blindly towards Jesus, but he casts aside his only possession: his cloak. This not simply a healing story- it’s a call story. This account tells us that Jesus sees even those the rest of the world is blind to. He does not want us to remain stuck and on the sidelines. He has a plan and a purpose for each life, He understands every struggle, and He wants each of us to rise and follow Him.

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