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Public Statement of Apology

Apology to those who may have been abused or neglected as children in residential care and foster care.

We express deep sadness and regret for any of the children in our care who did not receive the consistent, loving care that they needed and deserved.

We acknowledge, with sorrow, that some children in our care may have experienced: neglect of their social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs; physical violence, sexual or emotional abuse, emotional and social trauma and on-going harm perpetrated by staff that should have been trustworthy.

Similarly, we acknowledge, with sorrow that there are also instances of harm experienced by children in our care from which our staff had a duty to protect.

We apologise unreservedly to these people.

We also apologise to the families of those who may have experienced abuse in our care for the trauma they experienced.

We acknowledge those faithful staff who strove to provide (within the context in which they worked) secure, safe and loving environments for children and young people in care. However we will co-operate fully in any investigation into allegations against current or former staff.

We also have services available which are ready to respond with compassion, confidentiality and respect to anyone who would like to talk about their time in care as children.

We invite any person who has been in the care of Wesley Mission, Wesley Dalmar or the Dalmar Children’s Home to contact us.

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