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Empowering women towards a better future

Wesley Youth Accommodation provides crucial support to young women facing homelessness or the threat of it in the remote regions of Nambucca-Bellingen-Coffs Harbour.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve witnessed a concerning 72% rise in cases of domestic violence among young women in these rural areas.

Our commitment is to assist young women in breaking free from family violence. Many arrive at our doors with nothing, with no access to transport to escape and no hope of help. We provide essential support, including clean clothes, sanitary care products, transportation, and emergency accommodation.

Our approach involves identifying individual needs and devising flexible strategies to provide the care and support needed whilst collaborating closely with other organisations to ensure comprehensive ongoing support for the best possible outcomes.

Our ultimate goal is to rebuild relationships, establish secure long-term living arrangements, facilitate education and employment opportunities, and enhance overall health and wellbeing.

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Your support will help us empower women to regain their lives with dignity and respect in their journey towards a better future

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