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Discovering humility

Praise, Prayer & Preaching sermon audio

Listen to the Rev Dr Keith Garner’s sermon from this week’s Praise, Prayer & Preaching service.

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By Rev Dr Rick Dacey

This week’s sermon by the Rev Dr Rick Dacey unpacks the notion of Bible humility. In it we are challenged to put aside the facades that we wear, stop seeking praise for the things we accomplish in our own strength, stop judging our worth by what we accumulate, and be honest with ourselves and with God. Our readings this week are taken from throughout the New Testament and each one expresses the counterculture and counter-intuitive truth that we are to be humble before God and look to Him to lift us up. Ultimately, Biblical humility is not about false modesty or humiliation, but rather it is about living a daily existence that chooses to take the lowest place, serve others, and realise both our humanity and our need for God.

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