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Tough questions for a big God: How can God allow suffering?

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Listen to the Rev Dr Keith Garner’s sermon from this week’s Praise, Prayer & Preaching service.

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By Rev Dr Rick Dacey

The Rev Dr Rick Dacey continues this series on the tough questions we have about God with a conundrum of how to understand a God who is all-loving and all-powerful, but who also allows suffering and evil. As he asks such questions as ‘Why?’ and ‘When?’, the psalmist in his honesty teaches us to be real with God in prayer about these questions. In times of difficulty and pain, simple answers are not what helps the human heart. The truth that brings the most peace in these times is that God is with us always, and that he calls us to be a part of his goodness and hope in our city. In doing this, we are able to be part of God’s response to the pain and difficulty that others experience.

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