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The carers and the cared for​

Here are just a couple of stories among the many we see every day.


When Bob* learned of the need for foster carers in a newspaper article, he knew he could do something to help. After speaking with Wesley Dalmar, Bob decided respite care is how he could best make a real difference. “I wanted to provide a safe and caring place for children and young people while they were waiting to return to their birth families or a more permanent placement,” he says. “I’ll never forget the day the first young person arrived at my place. Here they were in my kitchen with someone they didn’t know, but I saw an incredible inner strength in them. I feel privileged to have played a part in their life.”

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Sam and Erin

Sisters, Sam*, 10, and Erin*, 7, have always stuck together. They’ve endured a lot in their young lives and have learned to rely only on each other. When they came to Wesley Mission needing care, Sam and Erin worried they’d be separated or struggle to find a foster family. Just like all children, Sam and Erin want to feel supported and cared for. They want a family willing to love them, provide normalcy and help maintain a connection with their birth family. “We just want to feel safe,” says Sam, putting her arm around her younger sister.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

What to expect when fostering a child with Wesley Dalmar


Foster carers are extraordinary. Being a carer comes with a range of responsibilities and each day can bring new challenges and great rewards.

The decision for a young person to enter into an out-of-home care arrangement is made by the Department of Communities and Justice in New South Wales. Where possible, children are to stay with their own families with support. Removal is the last option.

When it is necessary, Wesley Dalmar ensure the child or young person is placed with the best possible foster carer to support their needs and growth.

Our foster carers:

  • draw on their own experiences of raising children
  • provide good quality day-to-day care for children and respect the Code of Conduct for Authorised Carers
  • provide a safe environment for the child in their care that is free from abuse
  • work as part of a team with Case Managers to support children in their care
  • promote the positive development of children and young people in foster care
  • help children to build positive ongoing relationships with their birth family and develop a strong sense of identity and culture
  • engage in ongoing training and personal development.

To find out more about what to expect when fostering a child with Wesley Dalmar, please download our information pack for potential foster carers.

Stories of hope

Colleen and Dan's story: The gift of family

When Colleen and her husband, Dan, were unable to have children themselves, they saw it as an opportunity for them to give back by fostering kids who needed a home.

Nicole and Gerald's story: Building a loving home

Family life is what Nicole and Gerald are all about. With kids and grandkids of their own, Nicole and Gerald share their home as Wesley Dalmar foster carers to three children.


Ethan's story: Gratitude and giving back

Ethan’s journey in foster care started when he was two. He shares how it felt to be raised by people who barely knew him but still loved him as their own son.

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