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Mental health matters

Wellbeing guide for young minds

Good mental health is the foundation for a meaningful and fulfilling life. But adolescence can be a difficult time, which is why the health and wellbeing of young people is so important. With this guide, you’ll learn simple strategies to engage young people in conversations about mental health and teach positive coping strategies for overcoming challenges.

From identifying the need for support and talking about mental health to being a good role model and encouraging healthy habits, this guide walks you through the stages of support with practical tips and resources.

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Young people and their mental health and wellbeing

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Did you know that since the outbreak of COVID-19, 50 per cent of young people have experienced a decline in confidence to achieve future goals and 74 per cent reported their mental health had worsened? 1
Did you know almost one-fifth of all young people, aged 11 to 17, experience high or very high levels of psychological distress, and its most common among girls? 2
The simplest way to know if a young person needs help is to ask. Here are two top tips to help you communicate:

• use activities you do together, like cooking or exercising, to have conversations about how they’re feeling

• if they don’t want to talk to you, ask if there’s another trusted adult they can tell or suggest professional support.

Find out more tips by reading our guide.
Being a good role model and creating a positive environment is as simple as being open and honest about your mental health. Here are two top tips on how to be a good role model for mental health:

• normalise being open about your worries and accessing support

• share your own feelings and the way you deal with things in a solutions-focused way.

For example, “I was feeling so stressed this morning, but I wrote a to do list and now I feel more in control”

Find out more tips by reading our guide.

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