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What a difference two weeks and the power of community can make!

We know that the tide of community sentiment has changed. The gambling industry can’t rely on a free run anymore in NSW. But they are still very powerful and are careful to protect their main source of profit – people who are harmed by gambling. Research tells us that well over 50% of profits in any gambling venue come from people who are experiencing harm. This is shocking. No other industry would be allowed to profit from misery in this way.

At the beginning of August, we set out to ensure that responsible conduct and provision of gambling were taken as seriously as stopping money laundering in the casino reforms underway in NSW.

First, we used the opportunity with our partners to highlight gambling harm in the media.

Then, working with key MPs, by August 11, we had achieved:

  • A strong recognition in the law that harm is caused by gambling in casinos and that the casino operators must take steps to reduce and prevent harm
  • A Harm Minimisation Advisory Panel, including people with lived experience of gambling harm, to advise the regulator on how to prevent gambling harm
  • Regular reporting to the people of NSW on steps taken by the regulator and the casinos to reduce harm

We need you to join us to hold the casinos and the regulator to account. We’ve learnt from inquiries that just because there is a law, the casinos don’t think they have to obey it.

Together, we can achieve further wins and ensure that the gambling industry takes responsibility for the harm caused to individuals and families.

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