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Wesley WorkSmart

In Australia youth unemployment has averaged around 13.5%. In Western Sydney, the average climbs to 20% with some suburbs reaching as high as 45%.

Helpful links for young people

Some young jobseekers with disadvantaged backgrounds genuinely struggle to access to the job market regardless of genuine job search efforts. Youth unemployment rarely occurs in isolation with significant issues such as family breakdown, relationship challenges, mental and physical health concerns, drug or alcohol abuse, education difficulties and lack of support of appropriate resources.

Wesley WorkSmart targets 15–18-year-olds, residing in Western Sydney, who are at risk of long-term unemployment.

Wesley WorkSmart is designed to:

  • address issues which contribute to long term unemployment
  • provides opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • links young people into training or employment opportunities.
  • increases job readiness and workplace skills
  • identifies individual strengths and aspirations
  • provides work experience opportunities
  • broadens horizons and experiences of employment.

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