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Quality policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline Wesley Mission’s obligations regarding our responsibility to quality practices and to ensuring they are embraced and upheld by all areas of our work and in everything we do.

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At Wesley Mission we are committed to lead the way in providing support and services for people with a range of complex social problems from homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, to family breakdown, children and young people at risk of harm, unemployment, disability and social isolation. We are dedicated to early intervention and prevention and in doing so, to saving and improving lives.

Our work is as diverse as the needs we face, so we continually shape our programs and activities to support those in need effectively wherever they are.

In delivering these services we recognise that the disciplines of quality, health, safety, environment and risk management are primary responsibilities of managers and employees and are key to achieving our mission.

We are deeply committed to serve in an ethical, caring, and Christian way.

We embrace the responsibility for quality practice in everything we do.

We believe it takes love, faith and courage to engage in the lives of those in need.

To achieve our purpose, we will:

• Work in partnership with the people we serve, clients and donors
• Encourage, educate and empower all our employees to engage in quality improvement, risk management programs and innovation, through teamwork
• Develop and document objectives and targets for our core activities and communicate them
• Constantly review and adapt to relevant industry standards as well as regulatory requirements
• Measure and regularly review our performance across our core activities, ensuring that we continue to improve in all we do.

The definition, development and implementation of our Quality Management System will be achieved by considering the issues arising from social, ethical, environmental, political, economic and technological environments we operate in as well as internal context. Governmental regulations and quality standards, industry reforms as well as changes in the relevant laws will be a focus of these planning activities.

Our Quality Management System will carefully consider feedback from all interested parties. As we operate within a changing and dynamic environment we will regularly review the context of our organisation and how it affects the scope of our Quality Management System.

Wesley Quality Management System shall be an integrated system inclusive of requirements defined by our customers, funding bodies and of specific industry standards and shall apply to all services and all locations. Introduction of new programs shall ensure that quality system requirements are understood, integrated and implemented.

The provision of a quality service is the responsibility of every employee and volunteer. We expect each person working for our organisation to embrace organisational values and objectives and to commit to continuous improvement and minimisation of risks.

Wesley Mission senior management endorses, regularly reviews and promotes this quality policy through active participation in risk management and quality improvement activities and leadership by example.

Rev Stu Cameron
Chief Executive Officer
January 2021

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