Alpha course

Alpha is an exciting 10–week course that provides an introduction to the Christian faith.

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The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening and friendly environment. Attendees are invited to ask questions about the existence of God and the purpose of life. If you are seeking to discover what the Christian faith is all about or would like to refresh your understanding of the Christian faith, this is the course for you.

What is involved?

Across 10 weeks, each session involves a short presentation and discussion. 

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for everyone, including new Christians, individuals seeking to learn more about Christianity and those who are looking to refresh their understanding of the Christian faith.

What will it cost?

The course is free-of-charge. 

When do we run it?

The next Alpha course will run in 2022. Please check back here for updated information, or follow us on Facebook.


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