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Episode 4: How Jesus spoke to others

The Man of Galilee

Questions about the life and impact of Jesus Christ.

Much of the ministry of Jesus Christ is centred around what he said, when he spoke, and how he used his words in a way that was appropriate to the situation.

Jesus spoke to groups as well as individuals and among those groups were his adversaries, friends and followers. We also look at how Jesus Christ spoke to God the Father.

When speaking with his adversaries, Jesus delivered some of his most profound and memorable teaching. He spoke directly in specific contexts with words that demonstrated the God-given authority which had been given to him after his baptism.

When he spoke in the synagogues, he offered a new perspective on existing interpretations of the scriptures and the subsequent laws. When confronted by religious rulers, he managed to cut through the questions being asked, and addressed deeper, underlying issues in the mind of the questioner. He would invariably answer a question with a question—and in doing so expose the heart of the person who was questioning him.

Jesus spoke to his disciples as both a leader and a friend—stepping in when needed to bring correction or teaching, and encouraging them to trust him in real-life situations.

He continually provided purpose, established meaning, and brought a new way of thinking and living to his disciples and friends. There were times when he was direct, and other times when he was much quieter in his approach. He was always concerned to share God’s purpose and prepare them for their own mission.

Jesus Christ spoke to the crowds with authority, drawing on universal themes that would resonate not only with the people present, but with all who would listen to his teaching over time. And when he spoke to individuals, irrespective of how they came to him, he was always ready to meet them at their point of need and demonstrate the value of all people to God, regardless of their standing.

He demonstrated his skill in speaking across the entire social spectrum in relevant and meaningful ways, whether in people’s homes, in small groups, in public, or before large crowds.

At regular intervals in the gospel accounts, Jesus takes time out to pray. When he speaks with God, we learn of the intimacy and closeness of their relationship, and the love that Jesus has for his followers. He takes ownership of all who God has given to him and is concerned for them. He seeks God for understanding and unity among his followers, both present and those to come.

Jesus Christ and God the Father are understood to be at one, with a common purpose.

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