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Reasons to offer workplace giving

Do you have staff in full-time or part-time roles and want to help those less fortunate? Discover why all employers should be offering workplace giving.

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Four reasons to offer workplace giving

1. The feel good factor

Workplace giving (also known as payroll giving) gives your workforce another reason to feel good on pay day. It’s an opportunity for people to make regular tax deductible donations via direct debit. Plus you can boost the feel-good factor by matching their donations and double the support for your community through our services.

2. It’s easy

Once set up, there’s no paperwork for employees it’s easy and free to start, and the donation comes straight from your salary. It’s also a cost saving way to donate because your donation does not create more paperwork.

3. It reduces taxable incomes

Who doesn’t appreciate employers offering ways to lower their tax? Because donating before tax can lower taxable income, workplace giving can become another benefit offered to your staff (that doesn’t cost you anything). And if you need any advice about tax get in touch with the Australian Taxation Office

4. We help make it happen

If you don’t yet have a workplace giving program we can help you get started and make it a success. You can complete an online form, email us at or call (02) 9263 5524. We love to help companies make a difference.

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