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Frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about Wesley RJ Williams? We’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions and will continuously update this page as more questions emerge.

Since the original DA was approved, we have been impacted by a two-year COVID pandemic that has changed the way we work and live. 

Throughout this time, we have taken the opportunity to review the design for the approved Development Application for the Wesley RJ Williams building with the goal of future-proofing the site as expectations and needs evolve.

We have considered feedback from our existing housing tenants and the Glebe community during the community consultation, as well as incorporated required Consent Conditions for the approved DA.

As a result, we believe the updated plan enhances the existing approved scheme, to even better suit and serve the Glebe community.

Wesley Mission is a key provider of housing solutions for those most in need. Wesley Mission is planning to refurbish the Wesley RJ Williams property in Glebe to provide below-market rentals to help those people needing affordable housing in inner Sydney.

One of the goals of affordable housing is to help people stay within their communities as their life situation changes, e.g. young adults moving out of home and older people looking to downsize. The property will provide safe accommodation for those on moderate to low incomes and support at-risk groups.

We know there is a clear undersupply of affordable housing within the Sydney and Inner West Local Government Areas and Wesley RJ Williams presents a fantastic opportunity to help meet this need.

Wesley RJ Williams will provide affordable housing for eligible households with a focus on long-term tenancy.

The property will provide well-appointed modern accommodation for moderate to low-income earners of all ages and life stages, including individuals living and working in the area and families.

The one-bedroom apartments will suit singles and couples, with the two, three and four-bedroom configurations providing an ideal option for family groups.

Wesley Community Housing has extensive experience in managing tenant mix in our existing properties across Sydney, on the Central Coast, Newcastle and on Mid-North Coast. In Glebe, the tenant mix will be carefully considered to ensure an appropriate fit both within the building and the wider community to promote and enhance social inclusion.

Wesley Mission understands that parking is something residents all over Sydney grapple with daily and has investigated options to accommodate additional private car parking spaces. However, for the property to function effectively, extra parking was not possible.

We recognise that some people need car access; so instead, it’s proposed the refurbishment will include car share parking scheme.

This approach is becoming increasingly popular for people not wanting or able to purchase a vehicle, or who drive infrequently or who simply prefer to use public transport more.

A recent study by the City of Sydney indicated that each car in a share scheme takes 13 vehicles off the road.

We see that as a positive way we can encourage more sustainable travel, especially with a bus stop located only 50 metres away and the light rail close by within a 10-15 minute walk.

In addition, parking for 20 motorcycles/scooters and 20 bicycles is proposed.

All prospective tenants will be made aware of the parking situation and, when considering Wesley RJ Williams, will need to weigh up the benefits of the location and quality of accommodation with their transportation needs.

Wesley Mission has been working through a five-year strategic plan including the review of its entire property portfolio to make sure buildings are fit for purpose, provide tenants with a physically safe environment and are viable to run for the long term.

As a key provider of housing solutions for those most in need, Wesley Mission has undertaken a significant amount of background work, including scenario modelling, market research, demand studies, heritage and sustainability reviews, specialised architectural planning and community engagement planning in order to present an option for Wesley RJ Williams that will meet our mission objectives, and present a positive addition to the Glebe community.

Based on that comprehensive research and review, the best option is for affordable housing.

While not an aged care facility, we expect that some of our tenants will be older people.

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