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Stories of hope

with Wesley Dalmar

Foster care stories

Jessica's Story

Determination and resilience combined with loving foster carers to break the cycle of suffering in Jessica's life.

Michelle and Steven’s Story

The heart-warming words of some of Wesley Dalmar’s dedicated foster carers.

Chloe's Story

When Chloe was young, she dreamed her surname would be the same as her foster parents.

Colleen-and-Dan (1)

Colleen and Dan's story

“We looked into fostering and decided that was going to be our future. We jumped in, and we never looked back.”

Nicole and Gerald

Nicole and Gerald's story

Family life is what Nicole and Gerald are all about. With kids and grandkids of their own, Nicole and Gerald share their home as Wesley Dalmar foster carers to three children.

Ethan's story

Ethan’s journey in foster care started when he was two. He shares how it felt to be raised by people who barely knew him but still loved him as their own son.

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