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People we serve

Breaking free of drugs

Wesley Mission open their doors and I can’t thank them enough for that. I’ve been here for two months now – the longest I’ve voluntarily stayed in one place for six years. I have my own space and they’re working with me on my drug addiction and co-dependency problems. A truly life-changing experience!

Bitter past, Sweet heart

Despite strong attempts to establish a stable life for herself, homelessness has been her overriding experience. Kelly, now 30, lives at Wesley Mission’s Community Housing in Sydney’s inner west. She has a three year-old son and a newborn baby and is wondering what the future holds. 

A place of her own

Having stable accommodation, counselling, education goals and hobbies are what’s known as secondary prevention measures against mental illness. They are steps that help Sophie regain a sense of peace, give her some respite from her condition and possibly prevent it from getting worse. Healing will be found through stability.

Stability and value

At Wesley Edward Eagar Centre, Mark, otherwise known as Pop, found some stability and a place where he was valued. It was a place he could turn to in the long years of struggle. It was there that he started a friendship with Don that has lasted from that first meeting. Don has been someone he can talk things through.

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